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I have never been a big fan of Testimonials on websites , after all who would
post a bad review from a customer on their own website. I can honestly say ,
that after 18 years I have never received a compaint about our beeswax.

Here are a few recent testimonials from our happy customers.

Hello, it's me again !! I loved my first order and would like to order the
same quantity again please ! Nobody has clean wax like you Ian !!

Jackie - Yellowknife , NWT.

Life took me temporarily away from candle-making, and others filled the gap.
Apparently, people do not like those candles as much. I credit your beeswax
and training for the quality of mine. People are begging me to make more, so
here I am. May I please order a block of your amazing beeswax ? Thank you !

My husband just returned from delivering the last of my candle stock to a
local store, explaining to them that they will have to wait for me to get
beeswax to make more candles for them. The store owner gave my husband the
name and number of a local beekeeper who sells wax. I have explained over
and over again the importance of the quality of the wax, and how you are
the only one I know who produces that quality. There is no way I am going
to buy anything else.

Ian - You must live forever !

Bridget - Killaloe , ON.

We're so glad you are back to making number one quality beeswax.
Your book is amazing. We always follow it, and it has been such
an amazing help for us. Also your wax is the best of the best of
the cleanest and most pure. We are truly delighted to be able to
purchase your wax again !!

Erika - Cortes Island, B.C.

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